Shanti Yoga Los Cabos - Yoga in Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico


I am from Mexico City and was raised with a spiritual background. However, because of the smog in Mexico City, I have suffered from asthma and other lung troubles. After moving to Los Cabos,  I was able to breathe pristine air and my energy has been revived by the purity of the Baja Peninsula. Practicing yoga on the beach with its ethereal splendor has transformed my life and broadened my horizons. I am completely dedicated to teach from the heart.

I am inspired to teach my students to feel more than to think. Breathing is the strongest component. I emphasize that when your attuned to your body, you are more quickly able to overcome challenges and crisis.  Sharing my experiences with my students for the past eight years has been a fulfilling journey.

With the stress of every day life, the desire to explore ourselves is increasingly important. I am determined to help each student find the pose or poses that can help them overcome physical hardships, injury such as back pain, neck pain or stiffness.

The class is applicable to all types of students, from experienced to beginners who want to dive into the practice.  I offer many variations of the pose to get the best result of it in every session.

My aim in teaching yoga is to focus on assisting all people who want to experience the practice sincerely, regardless of physical conditions or experience.

So we might find happiness, contentment and joy
So if your ready, lets begin!

Om Shanti

Ivonne Lopez

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